Wood Stuck - Natural and Handmade Wooden iPhone & MacBook Cases !


Who are we ?

Above all, we are a group of friends sharing common values. We live the life at fullest and we intimately know that we are experiencing a new era. Corporate responsability and product consumption changes are obvious; more purposeful, responsible and particularly more durable !

Wood Stuck is a spicy French recipe made with love, marrying common ideas built on a solid friendship.

You may think that wooden cases for iPhone are not a big deal but whatever the impact of our activity might be, it is our way of expressing our values while being part of its changes.

Both local and responsible production.

Wooden iPhone cases and wooden MacBook covers produced in a responsible way.

We are proud to say that we work only with French partners and that 100% of our production and design are made in France. We are maximizing our local impact and the associated economic benefits. Producing in France may be perceived by many people as a real challenge; we prefer to see it as an opportunity to assert our french know-how while having a positive impact on a recurrent problem.

We encourage collaboration between micro structures which are often getting crushed in this world of economic gigantism. These micro companies yet form a vital aspect of our society. A more equitable distribution of our resources seems to be essential for an healthy economy and planet.

Our natural wood comes from a responsible forest management. Our supplier always intent on respecting environmental rules and assure our customers to make a fully informed choice. First of all, on the products they buy; but also to create positive changes by engaging the power of the market dynamics. We are talking about a better forest management and social and environmental practices in order to ensure responsible productions of wooden iPhone cases.

A selection of responsible woods and ecology-conscious forests

Collaborative creations

In a world where the collaborative economy is seen as a solution to social and environmental problems we are trying to develop this tendency around our wooden iPhone and MacBook cases. We work closely with artists to design our wooden accessories. This approach is part of a logic of mutual aid that allows the promotion of young artists and the development of original products with real identities.

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