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Discover our brand new innovation : the Wooden iPhone Case with Kevlar !

Carefully crafted by hand from responsible wood and rock solid Kevlar®, our Wooden iPhone Cases with Kevlar are the most beautiful and strong natural accessories that you can find for your Apple’s products.

Made of natural wood

The natural wood that composes our cases is collected in a responsible way. Our supplier ensures an healthy and responsible forest management for the conception of our wooden accessories.

in a responsible way

We are responsible when it comes to design and produce our wooden covers. Our wooden cases are handcrafted and made in France with a privilege given to small french businesses.

for your iPhone and MacBook.

Discover our collection of wooden cases made of various woods and designs for any iPhone and MacBook models.

Natural wooden cases for a classy iPhone.

A millimeter of wood on the back of your iPhone would make the difference… Try it with our wooden case. Carved, sanded and waxed by hand, it will bring a unique aesthetic and touch to your everyday companion.

Our best-sellers

The most natural sticker for Macbook.

Marry the beautiful aluminum from the MacBook to one of our natural wooden cases. Bring some nature to your Mac!

A responsible woodpecker

Our wooden iPhone cases are manufactured in France, in collaboration with French workshops with a responsible management of natural resources.

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