Wood Stuck - Customization of iPhone Wooden Cases

Eco-friendly promotional products

Customization of wooden case for eco-friendly promotional products

We are offering the possibility to customize our wooden cases for iPhone  for any order over 10 cases. Show the real interest you have for your customers and partners by offering an original promotional product that transports values and the image of a responsible company.

Full customization of your wooden case for iPhone and MacBook

Our wooden iPhone cases are fully customizable thanks to a detailed laser engravement that bring an infinity of possibilities to any kind of designs for your eco-responsible promotional products.

Convey the image of an eco-responsible society

Our wooden accessories are made to stick socially and environmentally responsible values. Our wooden cases are made of real natural wood and are designed and produced in France through partnerships with microstructures.

A choice between 5 types of woods

Customizing the iPhone does not only offer the possibility of engraving our natural woods. You can also choose between our 5 different wood species without extra-pricing for an ultra-personalized promotional gift.

The iPhone or MacBook, both great promotional products

Whether it is on a desk, a table, or simply at your ear, phone is the ultimate communication tool because of its high visibility. The iPhone or the MacBook are an efficient way to promote your company and remain the most renowned products on the market.

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