Wooden iPhone Cases : protect and embellish your iPhone • Wood Stuck

Wooden iPhone Cases

Wooden iPhone Xs Cases

Wood-up the newborn from the X generation !

Do you own the second version of the X generation ? Dress your iPhone Xs with a natural wooden case mixing elegance and responsibility !

Wooden iPhone Xs Max Cases

A giant to dress up

It’s big, it’s beautiful, but is it protected ? Do not wait, dress up your iPhone Xs Max with a natural wooden case. Discover our different wood species and exclusive illustrations to perfect your iPhone Xs Max.


Qu’il est grand, qu’il est beau, mais est-il protégé ? N’attendez plus, habillez votre iPhone Xs Max d’une coque en bois naturel ! Découvrez nos différentes essences de bois et illustrations exclusives pour parfaire la grandeur et beauté de votre iPhone Xs Max.

Wooden iPhone Xr Cases

Colors & Wood : the perfect match

Blue, white, red…? Which color did you choose for your iPhone Xr ? Anyways, choose one of our natural wooden case to associate aluminium and wooden species !

Wooden iPhone X Cases

Only great accessories for a great phone !

The iPhone X and Xs are not phones you dress up without putting thoughts into it. You can stop thinking, you found what you were looking for : absolutely unique and high products.

Wooden iPhone 8 Plus Cases

A big surface for a maximum of wood !

Make an opportunity of the size of your iPhone to get as maximum of wood as you can get !

Wooden iPhone 8 Cases

Dress the back glass of the iPhone 8 !

A quality accessory for an iPhone to dress elegantly.

Wooden iPhone 7 Plus Cases

Play it big !

The double cameras and our iPhone 7 Plus wooden cases go beautifully together. Big picture, big wood case !

Wooden iPhone 7 Cases

Round and thin as the iPhone

Get our latest wooden cases for the latest iPhone. Keep it thin, keep it round !

Wooden iPhone 6 Plus Cases

There is even wood for the larger ones.

A larger surface for an even more wood on the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus wooden cases!

Wooden iPhone 6 Cases

Magnify its curves.

Our wooden cases for iPhone 6 and 6s perfectly fit the beautiful curves of the iPhone 6. Add the touch and the warmth of wood to perfect them!

Wooden iPhone 5 / SE Cases

A classic remastered.

The 5th generation was not forgotten. Whether it is the oldest, the iPhone 5 or the latest iPhone SE, all of them can wear our natural wood.