Wooden iPhone 7 Plus Case made of Wenge • Wood Stuck
Wooden iPhone 7 Plus Case made of Wenge

Wooden iPhone 7 Plus Case made of Wenge



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Each wooden case is a unique hand-trimmed piece with untameable and surprising veins. Our products promote eco-friendly and social values. Our careful handwork attention and know-how allow us to have high quality products and impeccable end ups. A protective varnish is hand-made applied on each cases ensuring an optimal wood aging while preserving the natural wood feel.

The wooden Wenge case comes from a noble natural wood of African exotic forests called the Wenge. This species distinguishes itself by its intense chocolate-brown sprinkled color and its very fine lighter stripes. Let yourself be seduced by its natural class.

How to put on our wooden case on ?

Dress up your phone

Remove the 3M layer from the wooden case.

Apply your wooden case looking up for the edges and the camera hole / angle.

Remove the wooden case

Insert a plastic card (avoid metal) inside an angle of the wooden case in order to pull a side then slowly remove it along the wood lines.

No more scratch with our tempered glass !

You can also protect the front side of your iPhone with our tempered glass screen to prevent scratches and from breaking.

  • Ultra-Thin: 0.3mm thick
  • Absorbs shock
  • Scratches resistant
  • Delivered with an installation and a cleaning kit
  • Easy to apply