Wooden iPhone X Case made of Rosewood and Kevlar® • Wood Stuck
Wooden iPhone X Case made of Rosewood and Kevlar®

Wooden iPhone X Case made of Rosewood and Kevlar®



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Do not hesitate to try our Wooden iPhone X and Xs Cases ! Our savoir-faire, mixed with solid, beautiful and thin materials, can only make accessories for the iPhone X and Xs like there is few ! A great accessory for a great phone.

Each wooden case is a unique hand-trimmed piece with untameable and surprising veins. Our products promote eco-friendly and social values. Our careful handwork attention and know-how allow us to have high quality products and impeccable end ups. A protective varnish is hand-made applied on each cases ensuring an optimal wood aging while preserving the natural wood feel.

The Rosewood wooden case is a common but elegant wood. Its vermilion color, a bright red, has multiple reflections and always surprises us with its fine strewn veins ! A true ruby in your pocket or your bag.

Try the solidity of Kevlar® and the beauty of the natural wood !

  • Case protecting the whole phone, back and sides
  • The finest of the market ! Only 1.9mm
  • 3 layers for an absolute resistance : Wood / Kevlar® / Wood
  • Kevlar® is bullet-proof : 5x more resistant than steel for the same weight
  • French Kevlar® from DuPont™
  • Designed not to block wifi and mobile signals
  • The wood comes from labeled and responsible forests
  • French and hand-made creation
Fine couche de bois Fibre de Kevlar Fine couche de bois

No more scratch with our tempered glass !

You can also protect the front side of your iPhone with our tempered glass screen to prevent scratches and from breaking.

  • Ultra-Thin: 0.3mm thick
  • Absorbs shock
  • Scratches resistant
  • Delivered with an installation and a cleaning kit
  • Easy to apply