Wooden MacBook Cases : 1 millimeter of pure natural wood • Wood Stuck

Wooden MacBook Cases

Wooden MacBook Pro Touch Bar Cases

Thin as it can get !

Would be a mess to put a gross accessory on top of such an item as the MacBook Pro Touch Bar ! Choose the fine and thin Wooden MacBook Pro Touch Bar Case by Wood Stuck : french hand-made, responsible wood and a unique piece each time !

Wooden MacBook Retina Cases

Thousands of pixels gone wild !

Our real wood cases will dress your MacBook Pro Retina 13 or 15 inch with class and sobriety. Natural touch guaranted each time you’ll be handling your Macbook.

Wooden MacBook Pro Cases

Even the strongest needs protection.

Give a new style to your MacBook Pro with the MacBook Pro wooden case compatible with MacBook Pro 13 and 15 inches.

Wooden MacBook Air Cases

Thin wood for a thin computer.

Give a second life to your MacBook Air with the Wooden Macbook Case made from natural wood. Available for Macbook Air 11″ and 15″.

Wooden 12 Inches MacBook Cases

No one is spared…

The last born in the MacBook family, the 12-inch model, also have the right to wear its wooden MacBook case. Let’s combine the Gold, Silver or The Space Grey to nature.