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Wooden MacBook Air Cases


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Wooden Macbook Air Cases

Made with love from France, our wooden MacBook Air cases are unique pieces revealed by the natural wood. The wooden MacBook Air cases are hand crafted in an eco-responsible and social way.

The particular care and know how that we benefit from the past years working wooden cases for Macbook and iPhone allows us to reach high-quality standards and meticulous finishes.

All our wood cases for Macbook are sanded and varnished by hand to ensure the optimal aging of the wood while keeping the natural sensation of the wood… It feels like you are touching real wood sensing each wood veins.

Don’t be fearful, our wooden MacBook Air cases can be applied or removed in few seconds how you can see in the below explanation.

A woodpecker socially engaged and environmentally responsible

Knowing well that the ecological and economic environment in which we live is threatened, we try to bring solutions and a different approach to business management from the classical pattern. You might think that Wooden iPhone cases will not change the world but this approach also carries an important symbolic to us.